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Private messages from 81,000 Facebook accounts published online

05 November, 2018, 00:14 | Author: Vicki Mclaughlin
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While most of the compromised accounts are from Russian Federation and Ukraine, some are also from US, UK, Brazil, and other nations. Hackers are attempting to get 10 cents per account, but reports indicate that the ad to sell the data has been taken offline; whether that means the information has been sold is unknown.

Facebook may not have been aware of this situation, as the message data was alleged to have been stolen via a browser extension.

Washington The name of Facebook, the world's most famous and largest social media networking company, has been undergoing much controversy over the past few months.

Guy Rose, Vice President of the Product Management at the Facebook was quoted saying that, "We have contacted browser-makers to ensure that known malicious extensions are no longer available to download in their stores".

The social network is also working with local authorities to remove the website where the sample data was posted. Our database includes 120 million accounts, with the possibility of selection on specific countries.

Its IP address has also been used to spread the LokiBot Trojan, which allows attackers to gain access to user passwords.

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Facebook said it is this one of this extension that monitors the activities of victims on the platform before sending private conversations and personal details back to the hackers. Many of which originated from Russian and Ukrainian users.

Although, it may not be Facebook's fault.

In its message to affected users, Facebook had written, "We have more information abut the security incident we discovered on September 25, 2018".

If you are thinking of using your Facebook Private Messages to share your holiday pictures, sensitive information or any information in this case, think again.

A reply in English came from someone calling themself John Smith. Facebook had written to affected users to inform them about the breach in their private information.

Independent cyber experts have confirmed the news website that browser extensions were indeed responsible for the data leak. Digital Shadows, a cybersecurity firm, allegedly investigated the post on behalf of BBC. And the hackers themselves, when contacted by the BBC, said the data had nothing to with the recent security breach or the data stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal.



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