Seven Kinds Of Cancer Caused By Alcohol


Ninety percent of people have no idea that seven kinds of cancer is caused by alcohol consumption, reports Cancer Research UK. The survey had the people asked “which, if any, health conditions do you think can result from drinking too much alcohol?” and resulted to only 13 percent of adults that identified cancer. These people have no idea that regular alcohol consumption can cause seven types of cancer: mouth, pharyngeal (upper throat), Oesophageal (food pipe), laryngeal (voice box), breast, bowel and liver cancer. An alarming lack of understanding of the link between drinking alcohol and its risk of developing certain types was the highlight of the survey.  When asked to cite about the seven kinds of cancer, 80 percent said that they assumed alcohol caused liver cancer and only 18 percent knew that it could also result to breast cancer. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol causes 3,200 cases each year compared to 400 cases of liver cancer.Like us on Facebook Jing Health Benefits Of Alcohol Are Not True, At All! Study Says The report from Cancer Research UK comes ahead of the consultation concluding on how the new drinking guidelines were carried out as proposed by the UK’s Chief Medical Officers in January.  These helped in bringing awareness on the linkage between alcohol and cancer as well as the need for greater public consciousness of the risk. Cancer Research UK’s director of cancer prevention, Alison Cox said that “The link between alcohol and cancer is now well established, and it’s not just heavy drinkers who are at risk. This is reflected in the new guidelines issued by the UK’s Chief Medical Officers that stated that the risk of developing a range of illnesses, including cancer, increased with any amount of alcohol you drink.” “It’s concerning that so few people know that alcohol increases the risk of seven types of cancer. If the new guidelines are to make a difference and change drinking habits, national health campaigns are needed to provide clear information.” The study aims to inform the people that less consumption of alcohol can lower the risk of cancer.  There is no type of alcohol that is better or worse than the other because alcohol itself leads to damage.  What’s more worse is drinking and smoking altogether. Photo: Jing, N i c o l a