Google Mic Drop April Fool’s Day Prank Backfires, Tech-Giant In Big Trouble?


Google ‘mic drop’ April Fool’s Day prank backfired after Gmail users complained about the ‘harmless’ Minion GIF attached to their emails. Unfortunately, some users got fired, scolded, and embarassed after their e-mail replies were sent attached with a GIF of a Minion dropping a microphone. Over the years, April Fool’s Day has been an opportunity to pull off the best prank ever and get away with it just by saying ‘Happy April Fool’s Day’. Apparently, this cannot be the case for Google. Some users had to face dire consequences of the seemingly ‘harmless’ prank. Not to mention that it was intended to be purely just for laughs, given the use of a Minion. Nonetheless, there are people who just take pranks seriously, especially if it appeared on an important business correspondence or a serious e-mail message. when the google april fools minion gif prank screws over your chance at a job… #NotSoFunnyGoogle — Alec Li (@li_alec) April 1, 2016Like us on Facebook WHAT A HARMLESS APRIL FOOL'S JOKE, WHAT COULD GO WRONG — Andy Baio (@waxpancake) April 1, 2016 Google responded quickly and amended their shortcomings. In their official Gmail blog, the latest public apology can be read as: “We heard feedback that some of you were negatively impacted by this feature, so we quickly turned it off late last night. In addition, we are working to bring back Mic-Dropped messages that had subsequent replies to your inbox, so you can read those.” Google Team also explained that users under business and government apps were never given the Mic-Dropped feature. The apology also included a list of things that Google learned from their ‘mistake’.
Finally, the team said: “Again, sorry. We love April Fools jokes at Google, and we regret that this joke missed the mark and disappointed you.” Mental Health Depends On Your Email Habits It can be a cause of trauma for some people who had unknowingly sent an important message with the GIF Minion. It a good reminder for everyone to think before you click. And this is one April Fool’s Day that Google will remember. Photo: Gmail/Email Signup