National Poll: Clinton Beats Trump In General Election


Indeed, as Democrat Hillary Clinton addressed rising national security concerns, the Republican contest was hit again by personal insults – this time involving the candidates’ families. “For Donald J. Trump to enlist his friends at the National Enquirer and his political henchmen to do his bidding shows you that there is no low Donald won’t go”. Cruz reamed Trump for that tweet Thursday and urged Trump to “leave Heidi the hell alone”.

About 38 percent of California Republicans support billionaire developer Donald Trump’s bid for the US presidency, but more than half say they are not satisfied with their choices of candidates, a new opinion poll shows. “When Republican candidates like Ted Cruz call for treating American Muslims like criminals and for racially profiling predominantly Muslim neighborhoods, it’s wrong, it’s counterproductive, it’s unsafe”, she said, in part because American Muslims are a key line of defense against radicalization in their communities.
What Is Donald Trump’s Most Likely Path to the Nomination? One recent poll shows a tight race between Cruz and Trump, with the third candidate, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, trailing. The text, which Donald Trump blasted out to his seven million followers: “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
Liz Mair, a Republican strategist whose anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome launched the Facebook campaign last week, said each ad is expected to reach around 10,000 Mormons of voting age a day. “I told him that I disagreed with him on every single issue and then… he said he would vote for Hillary if Trump was nominated!”
Even as tensions escalated between the two, Cruz has insisted that he would back Trump if he won the nomination because he pledged he would do so at the outset of the Republican race.
On Tuesday evening, Trump attacked Cruz for the ad, threatening on Twitter, “Be careful, Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!” “Your wife is lovely, and Heidi is the love of my life”. Just 29 percent of voters said they viewed Trump favorably, while 68 percent viewed him negatively. He now has 739 delegates and needs 498 more to hit the magic number of 1,237 votes on the first ballot. At 46 percent, Kasich scores the best among the Republican field.
The polls included in the average include a Quinnipiac University poll conducted March 16-21; a CNN/ORC poll, Monmouth University poll and CBS News/New York Times poll all conducted March 17-20; a Bloomberg News poll conducted March 19-22; and a Fox News poll conducted March 20-22.
The next primary on the Republican calendar is Wisconsin, which hosts its contest on April 5. The vast majority of California’s GOP delegates June 7 will be allocated by congressional district, with the victor of each of the state’s 53 districts receiving three delegates. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks during a campaign stop in Wisconsin.