Canadian government auctioning Harry Potter wand, helicopter and yoga mats


WINNIPEG —  Are you in the market for a Harry Potter wand? Or how about an indoor plant to liven up your home for spring? The federal government has them for sale.Thousands of items ranging from canoes to chainsaws are up for bids on the government’s surplus website, a place where millions of dollars worth of seized goods – and stuff the government no longer needs – is auctioned to the general public.All the auction items still up for bids were forfeited to the Crown, the website says.These items are listed on the Canadian government’s website,“The warehouses are staging areas for surplus and seized goods waiting to be sold to Canadians via its web site,” the website states.Once you log on and create an account, you can bid on a bathtub, a stainless steel toilet, a 2004 Dodge Ram, cheese baking dishes, used books, some smowmobiles, a plane and a drill press (just to name a few).
1991 Cessna Citation II C550 – $650,000GCSurplus

Chainsaw – $100GCSurplus

Guitar – $30GCSurplus

14K White Gold Vera Wang Ring – $510GCSurplus

2004 Ski-Doo Summit 600 Snowmobile – $1,000GCSurplus

Yarn – price N/AGCSurplus

Outboard Motor – $250GCSurplus

Men’s Guess watch – $1100GCSurplus

Assorted hoses – $50GCSurplus

Harry Potter wand – $20GCSurplus

1981 Sikorsky S76 Helicopter – $258,000GCSurplus

Front End Loader – $25,000GCSurplus

Forklift – $3,500GCSurplus

Andy Wolf Frames Eyewear – $350GCSurplus

Fibreglass canoe – $350GCSurplus

Minolta X-9 Cameras – $40GCSurplus

Toy rocking horse – $25GCSurplus

Inshore patrol vessel – $195,000GCSurplus
There’s even a bunch of old MacBooks, iPads and deactivated government computers (with the hard drives removed).And if you’re feeling like computers, power tools and toys aren’t what you’re looking for, why not bid on a “lot” of yoga mats and exercise blocks? However the 30 boxes of mats will set you back $7,000.With files from the Canadian Press

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