2 Prosthetic Bags After Major Cancer Surgery For Ex Aussie Senator


Prosthetic bags are common enough these days but former Australian Senator Graham Richardson is getting to carry two of them. Richardson is set to undergo a major 18-hour operation for cancer in which surgeons will remove his bowel, bladder, rectum, sciatic nerve and prostate. Two prosthetic bags is one of the changes his life will undergo after the surgery. Richardson will have to live with two prosthetic bags — a bladder bag and a colostomy bag — in addition to a walking stick and a foot splint. As he told Radio 2UE, “there will be a different quality of life, but there will be life.” The surgery necessitating the prosthetic bags had become necessary for Richardson after a series of earlier surgeries failed to arrest the cancer that has plagued him for 17 years, according to news.com.au. Richardson has spent past years trying to avoid the surgery — initially with a series of intensive operations and then with a trial drug, LDE225, which he described last month as a “nightmare” experience. The only good part of the major surgery he’s preparing for is that he’ll be keeping his colon, which doctors had originally thought of taking out too.Like us on Facebook The Significance of Prosthetic Limbs Prosthesis, incidentally, is a device designed to replace a missing part of the body or to make a part of the body work better. Diseased or missing eyes, arms, hands, legs, or joints are commonly replaced by prosthetic devices. Living with two prosthetic bags can be quite tough and will take Richardson quite some time getting used to. It usually becomes necessary after invasive surgery of the kind the ex Australian senator is going in for. Prosthetic bags need a lot of management, with cleaning and changing these bags a complex process that takes time learning. Photo Source: Wikimedia, Wikimedia