Bob Ellis Dies Of Liver Cancer: Keep Your Liver Fit


Bob Ellis, Australian author and political speechwriter, dies of liver cancer at the age of 73. He died in Sydney on Sunday afternoon (April 2). Bob just revealed about his liver cancer in July 2015. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Bob died with his family around him – his wife, Anne Brooksbank, with their three children, Jack, Tom and Jennifer. Jack confirmed the news on the Table Talk blog, where Bob had archived his writings about the battle with cancer along with his usual commentary on film, theater and politics. Bob Ellis was a former Herald columnist. As a former labor speechwriter, he wrote speeches for Labor leaders such as Paul Keating, Bob Carr and Kim Beazley. Bob also penned several non-fiction books and collection of essays. He wrote screenplays for film and television series. Throughout his life, his writings were associated with politics and arts. According to The Guardian, Bob feared that he had only few weeks to live after tests revealed his liver cancer in 2015. He battled the disease for nine months till Sunday afternoon, when he passed away around 4.15 pm at his home in Sydney’s Palm Beach.Like us on Facebook Cancer’s Weak Link Found? Over the time, liver health can deteriorate due to onslaught of unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits. Liver problems, if discovered early are reversible and can save you from grave conditions like liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, according to Liver is an amazing vital organ. It has the ability to rejuvenate itself. Your liver plays a major role in metabolism. It also performs wide range of functions from the body’s regulatory to hormone production and even detoxification. To keep your liver performing all the above functions normally, you have to make some necessary diet and lifestyle changes. Alcohol, processed foods and sugar clog liver. Liver does not break down alcohol quickly, so reducing the number of drinks is good for liver health. Go easy on processed foods and sugar. Saturated fats, trans-fats and hydrogenated fats in processed foods can lead to fat build-up and result in fatty liver disease. Keep body weight in control with good exercise, as obesity develops fatty liver disease which slows down digestion of fats. Limit the use of medicinal supplements, as over-use can lead to liver toxicity resulting in liver damage. Liver helps in detoxification of the body, but it also need detoxification from time to time. Sulfur is a protein that can get rid of toxins. Detox your liver with sulfur-rich Brussels sprouts, garlic or glutathione-rich carrots, spinach, avocados, grapefruit and tomatoes. Drink plenty of water and your liver will work wonderfully for you! Photo Source: Youtube, Pixabay