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Haybaby, Joke/Rope

Brooklyn&s Haybaby have shared Their first single from Their forthcoming Blood Harvest EP, Which comes on the heels of Their 2015 debut LP Sleepy kids. “Joke /Rope” explores the confluence of emotions did everyone must…

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Has-Lo, Hard Writer EP

On Has-Lo&s In Case I Do not Make It he declared himself “too R-A-W for retail.” For most rappers that&s Considered hyperbolic braggadocio, but in the case of Has-Lo it fed into a five year…


Hotline, Breech Born

Hotline is the new project of Brooklyn&s Mike Zorrilla and Mike Kirby, former members of the hazy dream pop act Tiger Dare. Ian Vidaurre has joined them on the drums, and together the three are…