New SAT Test Is Here; Help Child Cope With Exam Stress


On Saturday, April 2, students across the US heaved a sigh of relief as they are done with the SAT test. This year the test underwent a big change since last decade. The new version of SAT test was administered on Saturday for the first time. According to CNN, the College Board said that the SAT test is designed to reflect what students are learning in high school and what will be required to learn in college. The major changes in SAT test include omission of vocabulary section, essay became optional, and penalty for guessing was removed and focusing on maths. Before the exam, there was a concern regarding the new test being text-heavy in both reading and math sections, and that would be a challenge for students who do not speak English as a first language.Like us on Facebook Teacher-Student Relationship Issue In Texas There were mixed reactions from students on new SAT test. According to CNN, on basis of email survey, around 60 percent of students found test straightforward and easy. About 48 percent said the test was similar to what they expected, 30 percent claimed the test was difficult and 22 percent found it less difficult than expected. Now that tests are over, students will be waiting with bated breath for their scores in May. This is not the end. Many more exams will come year after year for students. Tests are challenging for both parents and children. Exam stress is irritable, which can lead to sleeplessness, loss of appetite, headaches and acute anxiety. High-fat, high-sugar and high-caffeine foods and drinks should be avoided. A balanced diet and good sleep for eight to 10 hours at night will help cure exam stress. It improves thinking and concentration, according to NHS. Parents and teachers should help students draw up revision time-table with taking timely breaks in between studies. Students should be encouraged to be active physically so that they do not zone out and their energy levels remain optimum. Relieve them from household chores and allow half an hour of TV and games to refresh before going to bed. Be reassuring and supportive when students feel nervous – it is natural reaction. Do not add to pressure by demanding unrealistic performance score from students. End of exam treats always help students to get over their exam mistakes. We are humans and it is alright not be 100/100 every time. Photo Source: Pixabay, Pixabay