Wentworth Miller Reveals Suicidal Thoughts; Lad Bible Apologizes For Viral Body-Shaming Meme


Wentworth Miller is not backing down and it’s for a good cause. The Lad Bible, which claims they are one of the largest online communities for 16- to 30-year-old men throughout the Internet, has made a cardinal mistake. They picked Wentworth as the punch line of a viral fat-shaming meme. The meme features side-by-side photos of the Prison Break star, one being a taut, shirtless tattooed self and the other a more softer and relaxed picture with the title “When you break out of prison and find out about McDonald’s monopoly…” The 43-year-old Wentworth not only shared the post, he also gave a raw and moving account of how he had battled depression, suicide and struggled with food on Facebook. His brutal honesty has been met with positive responses on social media, reports the BBC. The Come Up Show/FlickrR&B Singer Kehlani Parrish Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt; Famous Celebrities Who Faced Web Trolls His post was shared 50,000 times towards the close of the day. He spoke of how this fat-shaming meme “stands out from the rest.” Suffering in Silence Wentworth Miller went on to recall how he has suffered in silence from depression since childhood saying it’s a “battle” which has cost him “time, opportunities, relationships” and a heart rending “thousand sleepless nights.” Wentworth first opened up about his mental health in 2013, according to the BBC. Hunk to Chunk Wentworth shared how paparazzi took photos of him when he put on weight in the struggle against depression. The photos were published proclaiming the actor had gone from “Hunk to Chunk.” He says this is the last thing one needs while “fighting for mental health.” On Coping With It All The actor shared how he was reminded of his “endurance and my perseverance in the face of all kinds of demons. Some within. Some without.” He also shared how initially hurt he was and how he now gives himself up to healing and forgiveness. His iconic line from Legends of Tomorrow talks of how one must persist like a dandelion up through the pavement “Anyway. Still. Despite.” Lad Bible was quick to offer an apology, saying in a Facebook post that “mental health is no joke or laughing matter” and they did not want to cause “pain” to the actor by reminding him of “such a low point in your life.” The online community also applauded the “raw honesty” of the actor’s post as it will “help others through similar challenges in their lives,” reports the BBC. Get Help Wentworth Miller said if you or someone you love is “struggling, help is available. Reach out, Text. Send an email. Pick up the phone.” He reminded people that someone cares enough to be “waiting to hear from you.” Miller has been playing Captain Cold in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Photo Sources: Athena LeTrelle/Flickr, The Come Up Show/Flickr