World Health Day 2016: Fight Diabetes With Yoga


World Health Day this year on April 7 is raising awareness about diabetes, one of the chronic, modern lifestyle diseases. Diabetes has become a common condition among people irrespective of their age or genetic history. In case you are unusually losing weight, passing water frequently and feeling thirsty or hungry more often, chances are you could be diabetic. According to NewVision, World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 347 million people in the world are diabetic and it is steeply rising among low and middle-class population. There are two types of diabetes- Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, patients are unable to make insulin to control blood sugar level. In type 2 diabetes, 90 percent patients can produce insulin, but are unable to use it or it is not enough to control blood sugar.Like us on Facebook
Fat Loss Can Reverse Type-2 Diabetes Type 1 diabetic people have to take insulin injection. Type 2 diabetic people are geenrally overweight and inactive, so they require insulin. Severe complications in diabetes cause heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, impotency and infections leading to amputations. WHO is focusing on diabetes this year to raise an alarm against diabetes epidemic which is spreading among low and middle income groups. To make people aware that diabetes is preventable by maintaining body weight, keeping active and good diet. Diabetes is treatable; can be controlled and managed with simple lifestyle changes. Yoga and meditation are two lifestyle practices one can incorporate in daily life to control blood sugar levels. It reduces the severity of symptoms and slows down the progression of diabetes, which lessens the risk of further complications. High blood pressure worsens diabetes. Light postures of yoga and meditation improves blood circulation and heart activity keeping blood pressure under control. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, owing to sedentary life, obesity and stress. Regular yoga regime at home can keep diabetics moving and active to improve insulin activity. Diabetic patients have to keep their weight in check. Intensive workout may be tiring for diabetics, but slow movement exercises like yoga can be recommended for weight-loss. Elderly patients can exercise yoga under supervision. According to ArtOfLiving, stress triggers the secretion of glucagon hormones– which increase blood glucose levels. Practicing yoga, meditation and slow-breathing exercises- like pranayam reduces stress keeping blood sugar levels in check. Meditative yoga postures help diabetics control their mind from craving for sweets. Better control on body and mind boosts confidence. Consistent yoga exercises fight symptoms of diabetes, restoring happiness in your life. Photo Source: Pixabay, Pixabay