Five Headache Cures You Shouldn’t Miss


Headaches are annoying.  Be it mild or head wracking, it is annoying.  Frequent headaches can affect our daily tasks at home or in the office and yes, even relationships.  So how do we cure this irritating headache? Olivia Murphy tells us thru the nutritional website Inner Me to heal our headache in five simple steps minus the painkillers. Here are five headache cures you shouldn’t miss: Identify your trigger foods.Like us on Facebook Finding out which foods causes your headache is the first thing that Murphy considers.  Certain foods are considered to bring a headache in the first place. Murphy said that “the most common culprits are dairy products, chocolate, refined sugar, foods with MSG, gluten and caffeinated drinks.”  “However, onions, citrus fruits, nuts, and nut butters (including peanuts-technically legumes), fermented or pickled foods, and cured meats can also cause headaches.” Quinn Dombrowski Hangover Cures That Are More Than A Thousand Years Old For a more consistent result, Murphy suggested keeping a food diary to identify what food triggers your headache and similarly listening to your body.  What works for a friend may not necessarily work for you. More water Murphy shares that not taking enough water is “one of the most common causes of headaches.”  Dehydration can lead to headache especially having a hangover from taking too much alcohol you can take.  Drinking a glass of water can help relieve a headache and aim to consume 4-6 glasses more in a day.  Water is important in regulating the body’s fluid levels. Move more Murphy pointed out that “stretches will help prevent neck and should pain that can cause a blockage of blood supply to your head and create a nagging headache.”  Stretching and strengthening your neck muscles helps in getting rid of headache. Vitamin deficiency Lacking the required vitamins can also cause headache.  Headaches can be a symptom of anaemia which are caused by the lack of iron, B12 and vitamin C.  It is important to take foods rich of the required vitamin intake or drink vitamin supplements as an option.  It won’t alleviate your headache immediately but dietary changes can remove a source of mild headaches in the future. Bowel health Skipping meals to avoid bloating and nausea may relieve you from poor digestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) but will eventually contribute to headaches.  In such cases, Murphy advised to take a Probiotic to optimize absorption of nutrients during digestion. Photos: Quinn Dombrowski, Avenue G