1000s call for release of accused murderer


A father charged with murdering an alleged intruder found in his Newcastle home to “defend his family” was recorded fighting with the man during a Triple-0 call, according to a report.The death of Slater-Dickson has sparked a nationwide debate about how far a homeowner can go to protect themselves and their loved ones from a home invader, with thousands calling for Batterham to be released from custody.Ricky Slater-Dickson, 34, died after allegedly being detained by Benjamin Batterham, 33, and another man at a Newcastle house following a fight in the early hours of Saturday morning.A father has been charged with murder after he allegedly broke an intruder’s neck while trying to detain him outside his young daughter’s bedroom.”They’ve lost their father, their lovely father that they haven’t seen for years because he was in jail, which has nothing to do with this case”, Ms Dickson said.”I want my baby’s killer found and brought to justice”, his mother, Beryl Dickson, said, reports the Daily Mail.”Just to think those little kids are going to grow up without a dad now”.Benjamin Batterham also chose not to appear in Newcastle local court on Tuesday morning via audio visual link.Newcastle City police are still investigating the possible motive behind Slater-Dickson entering the Cleary Street, Newcastle, home about 3.30am on Saturday.The pair, along with Mr Batterham’s 32-year-old friend, then became involved in a fight, which continued outside on the street.At some point thereafter, Slater lost consciousness and was taken to John Hunter Hospital in a critical condition.A pants-less Slater knocked on the teen’s door at night before forcing his way into the home and assaulting her, a court heard at the time.He had served more than 20 months before the Court of Criminal Appeal ruled his convictions should be quashed due to errors made by the trial judge.However, Slater-Dickson’s family argues the man had been changing since his last release, and was on a straight and better path.His solicitor, Peter Harper, asked for the matter to be adjourned until May 25.