Oculus Confirms Developers Can Release Games on Other Platforms


March 28 marks the day Oculus Rift is set for release, but this is only applicable to those who supported the Kickstarter campaign of the said VR project.There’s also the fact that, since the Rift doesn’t include a forward-facing camera or a pass through, once you put on the headset you essentially become blind to the outside world, which makes it hard for users to do things like grab a nearby drink or even pick up the included Xbox One controller. Martin was the first person to preorder the Rift VR headset when Oculus opened the preorders for the device.”As a developer, you don’t have to be in the Oculus Store – you can sell outside, and when you do that you can you use your own IAP if you prefer, and we don’t take a cut”, the VR firm explained. But it looks like the Oculus Rift is just the product we needed to kick off the virtual-reality movement.However, it warned,”there are considerations when building Oculus PC apps on other platforms”.Facebook bought Oculus VR back in March 25, 2014, for $2 billion.Full details for developers interested in going outside of the Oculus Store is available on the Oculus website.”For example, customers must be able to return Home and see Oculus platform overlays and notifications, including the health and safety notice”.”If you need additional developer hardware to build for the 1.3 SDK, submit your app to the Oculus developer portal”, Oculus writes.Oculus Rift’s first virtual reality headset has been targeted at the consumer electronics sector, specifically gamers, but its real significance could lie in commercial use. Oculus raised more than $10 million in the 2012 crowdfunding campaign, and it is only fair that the first units are being shipped for free to those who backed the initiative before anyone else.