‘Iron Man 4’ Movie Release In 2020 Due To Robert Downey Jr.’s Schedule? – The Bitbag


Since they released the third franchise of the action-packed “Iron Man” movie starring Robert Downey Jr., there were few details about the fourth film.

Given the recent success of the last movie, Marvel should not even think about not making Iron Man 4. But recent reports indicated that Marvel may have finally decided to put a stop the Iron Man franchise, for now at least.

According to Christian Today, Marvel is not planning on working on any “Iron Man” film until maybe around 2020. We have heard the news that RDJ will be reprising his role as Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man  in the next Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War,” and is also believed that he will also return for “Iron Man 4”.

If you look at the schedule of the Marvel movies lined up for Robert Downey Jr., his character will also be making appearances in the two-part Marvel film, “Avengers: Infinity Wars,” which will supposedly be released in 2018 and 2019. So in effect, there is no possible way for Marvel and RDJ to film the next “Iron Man” franchise.

Meanwhile, there are reports saying that RDJ turned down the role since it will still be a long way to go before they continue the franchise. Moreover, RDJ’s contract with Marvel is going to end soon, which might make Marvel take their time in planning on renewing the contracts of the original actors or take another direction and opt to recast, according to Cinema Blend.

Thus, there is no telling on whether or not RDJ will renew his contract for the fourth franchise. And the fact that he’ll be turning 55 years old by the year 2020 will be a bit of a problem for Marvel if they ever want to bring in new and young fans.

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