Facebook enlists AI to help blind users enjoy photos, Report


The new tool is called Automatic Alternative Text (AAT) that generates audio descriptions of photos on Facebook.While scrolling through Facebook, blind and visually impaired users will hear the name of the person followed by the word “photo” when they scroll past an image post by a user. Facebook’s automatic alternate text feature is available now for people who use iOS devices in English in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.A new tool was launched by Facebook this week that aims to help the visually impaired “see” images hosted by the social network. Allergan, Pfizer call off $160B merger
Morningstar analyst Damien Conover believes that the decision can now be pushed ahead to late 2017 or 2018. He said an alternative deal was unlikely as the Treasury’s new rules were aimed at just that. “Using artificial intelligence, we’re able to understand what’s in a photo and describe that for someone using words”, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post.Over the years, companies have worked to make the Internet more accessible for blind people, who now use screen readers that describe what is displayed on the screen.Facebook’s latest artificial intelligence experiment aims to make the social network a lot friendlier to the visually impaired.Everyday people share over 2 billion photos across all of the Facebook platforms of FB, WhatsApp, Instagram. R&B Singer-Songwriter Leon Haywood Dies at 74
He’s also produced a number of blues albums for classic artists of the genre including Jimmy McCracklin and Buddy Ace. Haywood grew up in Houston, Texas and moved to Los Angeles in the 1960s to play keyboard in Sam Cooke’s band. With automatic alternative text, Facebook wants the blind community to experience photos on Facebook the same way as others do.Facebook says the technology is still in its early stages but it can already reliably identify objects in a range of categories, including transportation (“car”, “boat”, “airplane”), nature (“snow”, “ocean”, “sunset”), sports (“basketball court”) and food (“sushi”). Facebook is essentially training its PCs to recognize objects and then describe them to people.Beginning Tuesday, the company is tweaking its timelines so that users of screen readers can hear not just the text on a page, but also a brief description of what any images may contain. Using a screen reader, which uses a device’s built-in text-to-speech function to read out text, the system will offer a brief summary of an image when it sees it. Republican Cruz, Democrat Sanders defeat presidential front-runners in Wisconsin primaries
Keeping Trump below the 1,237 needed for nomination could lead to the first contested convention in four decades. Sanders has won five of the last six Democratic contests and is riding a momentum wave at the moment.