Wisconsin primaries trust Ted and feel the Bern


More than 6 in 10 men voted for Sanders, while women split about evenly between the two candidates. We have a choice.According to a McClatchy-Marist poll, 25 percent of Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents who support Sanders say they would not vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination. “Tonight is a turning point”, Cruz told cheering supporters at a victory rally. He has now won six of the last seven Democratic contests and can bolster his claim to be a viable alternative standard-bearer to the former secretary of state. He has 16 closed states ahead of him.”It’s not impossible for Trump to still get there, but the likelihood is that Trump will be a few dozen delegates short of a majority”, he added, meaning the likelihood of a contested convention has increased substantially.Obviously Trump is in no danger of dropping out of the race at this point, as he might have been in, say, September, if his campaign had looked then the way it does these days.Trump was uncharacteristically silent on Twitter the day after his Wisconsin loss, and his only statement on Tuesday night was written rather than spoken, was issued by the campaign and referred to him in the third person. US stiffens rules for brokers who give retirement advice
The Golden Rule is well worth remembering when Americans’ retirement savings are being exposed to overpriced or risky products. But brokers can receive significant fees when clients “roll over” assets from employer-sponsored retirement plans into IRAs. Gabriel Sherman’s behind-the-scenes tour of the Trump campaign in this week’s NY described a barebones operation underfunded by a cheapskate candidate and willfully unprepared for the stresses and needs of a big-time, national presidential run. For instance, Cruz won among those with college degrees but also among those without. In every single state Sanders has been saying “if the voter turnout is high”, he will win.It’s possible this sentiment may be unique to Wisconsin. At the same time, Trump is clearly interested in recalibrating his campaign to appear more presidential.In the Republican race, Cruz was poised to collect most of Wisconsin’s 42 Republican delegates.(This week’s name being hopefully bandied about by the Republican establishment and media folks: Paul Ryan.) Meanwhile, Cruz’s efforts to snap up unpledged delegates at state conventions had the Trump camp being reactive for once, belatedly hiring GOP operative Paul Manafort to act as a delegate wrangler.The result would further consolidate Cruz’s position as the main anti-Trump candidate as Ohio Governor John Kasich trails far behind. In past weeks, Trump has attempted to use his bombastic rhetoric to dislodge Cruz and take shots at his wife, Heidi, but the efforts failed miserably.Cruz began delivering remarks in Milwaukee after his projected win around 8:45 p.m., with less than 20 percent of precincts across the state reporting. Uncharted Movie Still In Development, According to Developer
It’s marked as the end of the Uncharted story, though developer Naughty Dog may well have some tricks remaining up their sleeve. It’s considered as the last installment in the ” Uncharted ” series marking the end of the era for hero Nathan Drake. Hillary Clinton says Bernie Sanders deserves credit for a “good night” in the Wisconsin primary, but that he hasn’t “done his homework” when it comes to curbing gun violence or reining in Wall Street. He was aided, for example, by a particularly massive margin among young voters in the primary.Sanders garnered 49 percent support nationally in the McClatchy-Marist poll to Clinton’s 47 percent – 2 percent difference that is within the poll’s margin of error.Turnout was an unofficial 47.4 percent, easily topping the 40 percent projection by the Government Accountability Board. Clinton won among African Americans as she usually does-and by 48 points-but African American voters were just 9 percent of the overall Democratic electorate on Tuesday.On the Democratic side, voters chose Vermont Sen.What’s more, Sanders put significant resources into the state-making it clear how much of a priority it was for his team. In March, Sanders raised an impressive $44 million to Clinton’s $29.5 million.Thanks to his strong fundraising, Sanders can continue to vigorously campaign. United Kingdom government announces launch of global eGames tournament
While there are some who seem to be dismissing the eGames as yet another experiment waiting to fail, or the United Kingdom government missing the point.