‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 Spoilers: Francis Fisher Goes Crazy?


CBS drama Criminal Minds Season 11 is in hiatus but things are said to be in motion for its return on April 13. Veteran actress Frances Fisher will be playing an important guest role in the series. Let’s find out how creepy and dark the episode could be and what it takes for a mind to become unhinged. Devil’s Backbone According to a report in Christian Post, the senior actress best known for playing Jack Dawson’s mother Ruth in the classic move Titanic has landed the role of a crazy unsub in the series.Like us on Facebook Currently, Frances is also appearing in ABC’s Resurrection. But this show has everyone excited. The 63-year-old actress will appear in the final episode for Season 11, titled Devil’s Backbone, which will air on April 20. Criminal Minds Recap: The Return Of Emily Prentiss Christian Post revealed that she will play the role of a crazy unsub Antonia Slade, who was put away by Jason Gideon only to find her way to freedom and further lunacy. Slade and her spouse are involved in a runway hotline for teens. What will leave the viewer appalled is that they tend to be harsh with those who do not comply with house rules. This series episode directed by Felix Enriquez Alcala has creepy feel to it and is a psychological thriller with a difference. BAU team is called to check out this “illustrious inmate” with startling results. Episode 20 is called Inner Beauty and the BAU team is out to find out who is disfiguring their victims. Ross, played by Joe Mantegna, will also have a reunion with wife Hayden. The big secret? Daughter Joy who has been hidden from him for over three decades. An Unquiet Mind Psychology Today has quoted how serial killer Ted Bundy said he never felt guilty for anything and that he felt “sorry” for those who experience guilt. The famous Minnesota twin studies conducted by Thomas Bouchard showed that psychopathy had a heritability percentage of 60, which is fairly high. Does this mean murderers are wired for killing? The role of environmental factors cannot be downplayed either. While many killers were abused as children or neglected, the fact remains that there is no single magic bullet to identify people prone to psychopathology. Perhaps it’s the sheer unpredictability that makes dark series like Criminal Minds tick! Photo Sources: Wikimedia, Jonathan Reilly/Flickr