How To Hide From Aliens: Use Planetary Laser Cloaking Device


Looks like researchers have discovered a way to hide from aliens, if they ever happen to arrive on Earth. A team of researchers from the Columbia University in New York claims that one of the ways to disguise Earth from aliens is to use lasers. According to the researchers, firing lasers into the space could keep the aliens at bay be hiding Earth from the searching eyes of the extraterrestrial life. The claim has been made by astronomers Alex Teachey and David Kipping. The duo studies the periodic dips in the light coming from distant objects, suggesting that Earth is being orbited by other planets. Even National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) uses the same concept to locate such “exoplanets.” Kim Kardashian Had Alien Sex? Exoplanets are gaseous or rocky satellites traveling around the stars located at a huge distance from Earth. So far, more than 100 such exoplanets have been discovered.Like us on Facebook Teachey and Kippling came up with the idea that if people on Earth can detect exoplanets orbiting around other distant stars, the aliens existing on those planets could also locate Earth using the same concept. To avoid the same, the researchers suggest using a cloaking device. The aliens would notice a small dip in light if they were using a telescope to see Earth orbiting around its’s star, the Sun. By directing a laser of equivalent energy to that amount lost by the transit of Earth, the dip in light would disappear and the Earth would be rendered invisible, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The researchers believe that building such a cloaking device is a real possibility. May be there is no benefit in disguising Earth from the aliens. However, Teachey and Kippling believe that if extraterrestrial life is much more powerful and billions of years ahead of humans, then they could potentially regard Homo sapiens as no better than a bacteria. Photo Sources: Wikipedia, Pixabay