Batman Vs Superman Review: Is Wonder Woman Immortal?


Among the best introductions in the movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, are the captivating short scenes for Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, which in the end showcased her powers and combat abilities. But one thing you might ask, is she immortal? That question may have ran across your minds, and some comic book fanatics may also have very limited understanding as to Wonder Woman’s lifespan. On the movie, you may have seen how Wonder Woman was existing already since the first World War, while the movie setting is around 2016 or beyond. It left Batman to a surprise and made him decide something on the latter part of the movie. Like us on Facebook Wonder Woman Gal Gadot: Small Breasts and Costume Malfunction? Yet, that simple scene may leave a question whether Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman is immortal or not. As for the original comic storyline – it is not disclosed whether she is or not. One thing for sure is that she age differently than the others. SciFi.StackExchange shows that Diana is 85 years old while Batman and Superman are 32 and 33 respectively – yet they all look pretty much around the same age. Most likely this was because Diana is an offspring of Zeus and Hippolyta, which means that she is a demigod. This could be the reason she don’t age much, though principle states that she is not immortal. Anyway, everything is fiction and all for the purpose of entertainment. Yet despite being so, scientists nowadays are trying to unlock the secrets of an eternal life. Our bodies have the ability to regenerate, you may have noticed that when you get a wound and a few days later it would be healed – unlike other non-living matters that once broken, can never be restored. On a cellular level, human beings “should have been able” to live forever, an astounding cycle of regeneration that we have can make us to live eternally – though on the long run it proves the opposite. Still, scientists and medical practitioners aspire to have the key of unlocking our abilities to live forever. Will modern day genetics bear fruit? Is it in the hands of man to find an “elixir of life”? Regardless, all we can do now is enjoy the much-awaited movie. It will introduce Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and her own full movie will debut on 2017. Photo: TinyPic, JPost