Batman Vs Superman Review: The Birth of An Evil Batman?


The curtains have opened for the much awaited movie hit Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and as the initial scenes from the movie, it seemed to portray the birth of an Evil Batman. On the first part of the movie, you may have witnessed the traumatic experience of Bruce Wayne as his parents were murdered in front of him. He then was seen running through the bushes where he got the first impressions of being a Batman. As we know, Batman is a figure of brawn, brains, and wealth. Using such assets to fight off crimes behind the shadows – yet he intends not to kill as much as possible. And that is what he is until his next traumatic experience – death of a thousand colleagues. Like us on Facebook ‘Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice’: 5 Things You Should Expect About Doomsday During the fight of Superman and General Zod, Metropolis was severely damaged, and resulted to thousands of deaths – including Bruce Wayne’s employees and friends. That witnessing of superb power changed his ideal of justice. The next scenes showed a “darker” Batman, who tortured and killed criminals. Even Alfred didn’t like the change the Dark Knight made on himself. His fear against creatures like Superman made him think of ways to kill Superman and become more violent in his dealings – and that is because of a traumatic experience. So as we learned, the two different traumas Bruce Wayne experienced resulted to two different results – better and worse. And that same mental torture can happen to anyone – and can change anyone just as Batman’s. A trauma can make a person emotionally unstable which affects his way of thinking and acting. With the death of his parents, the trauma’s effect on Bruce is to jump back, recover, and help others not to suffer the same way he did. While on his feeling of helplessness during the fight between Superman and General Zod made him dwell on inferiority and gave way to anger and violence. Though fictional characters, the traumatic effect and changes of Batman reflects the same to each of us. Good thing that in the end, a certain “trigger word” made him back to his senses. So when we experience emotional instability or the like, think of “triggers” that can make you calm and back to your senses. Photo: ScreenCrush, ScreenRant