‘Batman Vs Superman’ Review: The Thing About A Doubtful Superman


Batman vs Superman review today focuses on Superman’s major weakness: his self-doubt. With the opening of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in the cinemas, we saw the weaknesses and strengths of the favorite DC superheroes – and the most powerful of all Superman also had his own. So what’s the thing about a doubtful Superman? Superman seems to have no weakness, he has the brain and power of one from the Kryptonian race. Yet, on the movie and even in the original comics plot, Superman’s weakness aside from Kryptonite and Lois Lane is his lingering self-doubt, his inability to decide reasonably because of some different factors time to time. Well, all of us has our own tendencies to doubt. Doubting oneself or doubting others – or even a specific situation – and that gives a toll on our state of mind. Though, it is much less dangerous than trauma’s impact on mental health which happened on Lex Luthor and Batman, doubts can leave a person vulnerable. Like us on Facebook Henry Cavill Fat as Teenager: How Superman Workout Helped Him Doubts can breed from fear or failure. As with Clark Kent’s case, he fears that no one would accept him, he fears that the people he loves would be in grave danger, and he fears to fail the people around him. At the same time, he did fail at one point – and that was because of doubts running through his mind. So doubts can be damaging at a certain point. Though psychology states that doubts are normal, but over anxiousness can lead to several physical health consequences. Weaker immune system and other complications. As for Superman, his doubts won’t leave him physically damaged – he is “super” indeed. But his decision-making is affected, and his abilities can be hindered as much. Mental torture is not only limited to normal human beings, but to every person living – even Superman. Good thing the plot goes on with a good twist in the end. As the famous song would say, “even heroes have the right to bleed.” Emotional pain – doubts and fears – leaves no one excused. So it’s up to us on how we handle them. Image Source: DigitalSpyUK, Wikimedia