American Idol 2016: Getting Into The Judges’ Minds


American Idol 2016 is making news in the rundown to the series finale. And as Season 15 of the show comes to a close, the buzz is all about who the winner could be. American Idol 2016, however, is not about the participants but also about the judges, who have been rotating over the last 15 years to take the hot seat. They may not have become superstars or won any accolades but that makes their contribution no less important. American Idol 2016 has a team of exceptional judges – Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. Some say they may be the best ever group of judges on the series though opinion on it varies, according to the Inquisitr. Good, bad or indifferent, there’s a lot going on in the minds of the judges on American Idol 2016. So is there a psychology at work when it comes to judging?Like us on Facebook In a study, psychologists examined the psychological dimensions of judging but the research has been focused on lay experimental subjects. Thus, implicit in the research is the judge’s attributes as a human bring are more important than the judge’s attributes as lawyer and/or as judge in explaining judicial behavior. Whether the judges on American Idol 2016 will agree with this premise is, of course, not known. Blunt, Isaak And Sebastian Are The New Judges For The X Factor More specifically, when judges engage in tasks typically reserved to judges, like finding and interpreting the relevant law, most prominently, are their cognitive processes different from those of lay people engaged in analogous tasks, and from those of lay people engaged in different and more fact-focused tasks? Until we can answer these questions based on systematic research, we will not know whether there is a psychology of judging at all, as opposed simply to general psychology applied to some of the tasks in which judges, like all other decision makers, engage. And the mystery of what’s going on in the minds of the judges of American Idol 2016 will remain unsolved. Photo Source: Flickr, Flickr