March 31: World Back-Up Day; Losing Data Is Stressful!


March 31, to remind you is a day ahead of April Fools’ day – you have to be prepared. But not with the pranks, but with the backup of everything you have in your digital safes – PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and camera. It is World Back-up Day. Why you need backup? Imagine what would you do if you lost everything. According to World Back-Up Day, 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute, one in 10 computers get infected by virus, and 29 percent of data disaster is caused by accidental deleting or technology failure. All your important data will be safe in backup, if you face any of the above eventualities. A backup is a reserve copy of all your important stuff. You can save it in external hard drives or online drives by using OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon Cloud Drive. Backup is great for students and business people who need to keep their most important documents safe. As the digital data is piling up with every individual, like family pictures, holiday videos and personal documents or emails, backup is becoming an important thing.Like us on Facebook Health Hazards of Stress Now if you don’t have a backup, losing all the important data you care about can be a very stressful experience. People who lose a phone or absentmindedly leave a phone at a shop counter or restaurant table feel like they have kept their entire life’s story open for the strangers to enjoy. According to Apartment Therapy, these people mostly feel vulnerable and anxious about who must be viewing all the stuff – pictures, contacts, social network and banking accounts stored in their phone. Literally, one feels exposed. PC Mag reports, LG Electronics surveyed over 2,000 men and women across the UK to gauge how they feel about the data loss and the level of stress they go through. Results will amaze you. Men compared the stress of data loss with the stress they would feel on receiving an unexpected bill, on losing a job, or going bald. Women compared the stress of data loss to the stress of losing a favorite pet, putting on weight, or learning about loved ones’ illness. A separate poll for students was conducted, in which 19 percent of students erased data accidentally and 70 percent lost data owing to hardware malfunction. They had to reproduce the work, investing double the time and energy. Eleven percent of the students claimed they even failed a subject due to data loss. Moral of the story: Backing up your valuable data is the noble cause! Start now. Photo Source: Pixabay, Pixabay