NBA: Rockets Vs Mavericks, All About The Clash


NBA is all set to conclude the Western Conference. As Rockets vs Mavericks faceoff, fans will surely be interested to know which one of them manages to make it to the grand finale. For starters, the big game will be a clash of James Harden who is on an a high scoring streak and Wesley Mathews who is known for his famous defending tricks, as reported on Sports Day. NBA has entertained fans with a lot of action and the upcoming match is not going to be any different. Mavericks have a lot of stake. They could end the series with a 2-2 if they win the match. Of course, there is no room for a tie breaker but if they lose, the situation could end up becoming worst. For the Rockets, w a soaring victory is badly needed. They are fresh from a victory against Oklahoma city but here too, the winning margin was not too huge. It has been a long time since the Rockets actually impressed their fans with back to back victories. Flickr Race Against Time: Abby Bishop Holds Onto The Olympic DreamLike us on Facebook Rockets star player Trevor Ariza is also one of the players that the fans will eagerly look forward to. Ariza has a nasty reputation of doing massive damage to the Mavericks each time he gets on the field. Will the legacy continue as Mavericks and Rockets clash in the NBA games? This is something that only time will tell. Additionally, the Mavericks and Rockets will not be against each other for the first time. A few months ago, they met in December as well. The match was exciting and the Mavericks lost by a small margin. They have Raymond Felton on their side who will be keen to take the big shots against the Rockets. Will he work or wont he? This is something that fans will soon find out as the match concludes in the next few hours. Photo: Wikipedia, Flickr