Race Against Time: Abby Bishop Holds Onto The Olympic Dream


When ex-Canberra Capitals captain Abby Bishop couldn’t move her arm because it was swollen, she never saw it as an end to her Olympic dreams. A trip to the doctor may have saved her life, but it also posed a major obstacle on her path to the Rio Olympics. Rio Dreams Shattered? The Australian basketball champion is refusing to give up on the Olympics, even after doctors found a 24 cm blood clot in her left arm. This is a race against time for Abby who needed clearance for the Olympics from the WADA because she was on blood thinning medication. She collapsed at her home two weeks ago and doctors then discovered a series of clots after examining her.Like us on Facebook Maria Sharapova Fails Australian Open Drug Test: What Is Meldonium? This was a rare reaction to medication which she had taken to ward off a hamstring injury. She had clots from her wrist to her shoulder and these developed into deep being thrombosis. But Abby has remained firm in her pursuit of the Olympic games, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. She risks serious injury or death if she persists in her quest for the Olympics. But the 27-year-old basketballer is refusing to give up on full contact training sessions. Winning and playing the game is part of a sportsperson’s identity, experts said. About her ongoing struggle, Abby was quoted as saying “I know it’s dangerous, but I’m taking it as it is.” She also said that though others are saying she is “lucky” she knows she has “ got to get to work.” Abby also risks serious internal bleeding if she goes out to play in this condition. But the basketball star is not giving up so easily. Olympic Hopes in Jeopardy Opals coach Joyce shared how some “tough choices” were ahead of the staff. She said it was “crunch time” according to SMH. She also remarked that the team needs “stability.” Stars like Steph Talbot are also fighting for their Olympic dream, but Abby is determined not to be left behind! Photo Sources: Wikimedia, Chris Gampat/Flickr