Swan Song? AFL Footballer Dane Swan Suffers Serious Injury


It could well be curtains for Aussie footballer Dane Swan after scans confirmed three broken bones in his foot following a disastrous match against the Sydney Swans. Magpies coach Nathan Buckley said a prognosis will be easier to make once the ace footballer has surgery on his injured foot. Buckley has been quoted by AFL.com.au as saying “we’re about his welfare and looking after him in the short term” so that the 2011 Brownlow medalist opts for the “best chance to get himself right.” Dane Swan suffered serious sports injuries when the Magpies lost out to the Swans with a whooping 80-point loss. The 32-year-old footballer collided into Swans Zak Jones and had a Lisfranc fracture. This injury is difficult to treat and assess. NFL Injuries: Michael Keck’s Case Proves Football Is A Dangerous Game Other AFL greats to be struck by a similar fate include Rhys Stanley, Daniel Wells and Mitch Clark, reports ABC. Swan has played over 258 games, but he is now wondering if the losing match against the Swans was “the last game” of his career.Like us on Facebook A Glimmer of Hope? Collingwood star Dane Swan’s season may be over, but his career is far from kaput, feels leading medical sports expert Dr Rohan White, according to the Age. Likely to be sidelined for this season, Swan suffered a broken foot, fractured fibula and ruptured Lisfranc ligament. White says the situation is not that black, and there may be hope. With correct surgery and rehab, Swan can easily get back to his game. Getting him fit and fine for the “big pre season for 2017” is easy if he has the “will to keep on playing,” White was quoted by the Age as saying. The Lisfranc Ligament This is an injury which is extremely uncommon in sports. This ligament plays an important role in supporting the structure of the foot. This is essentially the ligament between the base of the first and second toes. So, what are the consequences of an injury like this? Chronic pain, arthritis and foot dysfunction are some of the possibilities. This injury was named after French doctor Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin. He treated soldiers who suffered from this injury after cannon balls and wheels fell on their feet. According to NCAA.org, injuries can lead to serious mental and physical burdens, even unmasking serious disorders like depression or anxiety. Emotional responses to injury include the following, according to Dr Margot Putukian of Princeton University: Anger Sadness Loss Frustration Demotivation Changes in appetite Sleep problems In fact, both mental and physical recovery are essential for the sports person to fully heal. Dane Swan certainly has yet another challenge ahead and this time, it’ll take a lot to score the winning goal. Photo Sources: Michael Spencer/Flickr, Warren Major/Flickr