UEFA Champions League: Barcelona Vs Atletico Madrid, What Changed The Game                          


UEFA Champions League is in progress and the match only gets more interesting with each passing day. The recently concluded Barcelona Vs Atetico Madrid match presented a sterling example of the action that is likely to unfold in the upcoming games. While Barcelona are known for their dangerous attack, Madrid hold favourite positions for being the best defenders. UEFA Champions League witnessed nail biting action as ball by ball Atletico put up a tough fight against Barcelona. However, their defence ultimately gave up and Barcelona won the game. How did it happen? Of course, both teams played an excellent game. But, then there were some game changes that led to the final victory. Fans of the game witnessed, legends like Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez take centre stage and motivate their team to victory. According to a report on Xinhua Agency, as reported on Business Standard, Atletico was in the lead before poor strikes by Fernando Torres. Wikipedia A Retrospective Look At Aaron HernandezLike us on Facebook Thanks to two repeated poor strikes by Torres, the referee sent him out for ten minutes. In addition to being a major confidence blow for the team, the absence of an important striker affected Atletico’s game as well. After that, in the second half Barcelona decided to come out in the open and attack Atletico. Star striker Luis Suarez scored two goals which could well be recognised as the game changer. However, Suarez was also lucky to stay on the pitch especially after the off the ball defending kick by Juanfran. However, what has surprised fans is that the game changer only gave Barcelona a narrow lead. Considering that Barcelona is a defending champion, the narrow lead clearly indicates that their game was not as good as anticipated. One can’t help but ask had Torres remained in the game, could Atletico have managed to pull off a massive win? As of now, Barcelona will return for the next phase. Photo: YouTube, Wikipedia