Apple CareKit: Great Opportunities For More Health Tracking Apps


With the latest software release of Apple during their “Let Us Loop You In” event, one big thing that the medical community are excited for is the Apple CareKit – an open-source software framework that gives great opportunities for more health tracking apps. Medical Daily offers insights about the latest development in the Apple platform when it comes to medical services. The CareKit, according to Apple, will give developers the chance to create apps that are intended to measure health of users in a variety of ways. It can be considered as the extended framework for the Apple’s ResearchKit which was designed for scientists to make apps that can gather data to be used for medical developments. Like us on Facebook Apple ResearchKit: The Top 3 Things You Need To Know Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer said on a statement: “We’re thrilled with the profound impact ResearchKit has already had on the pace and scale of conducting medical research and have realized that many of the same principles could help with individual care.” “We believe that giving individuals the tools to understand what is happening with their health is incredibly powerful, and apps designed using CareKit make this a reality by empowering people to take a more active role in their care,” he continues. There are four basic features in the CareKit: Care Card app – it allows patients to manage his/her treatment plans Symptom and Measurement Tracker – it monitors users’ conditions. It can also use photos to track progress of a healing wound. Insight Dashboard – it overlays the latter module against the former to measure treatment development in the long-run. Connect Module – it allows patients to share their records with their doctors, family members, or any person they want to. Up to date, there are many of those who are already making apps for the CareKit module, such as apps for coordinating treatments between medical care providers, a diabetes management app, and those that can help for Parkinson’s treatment. We can expect more to come for the next months to come. Phone: PhoneArena, DrFutureShow