Apple New Technology To Delete Swear Words From Songs


Apple has come out with a new technology that will automatically delete swear words from songs. Whether it will do any good remains debatable since swear words are scientifically found to be good for people. Apple says it patented its new technology, called Management, Replacement and Removal of Explicit Lyrics During Audio Playback, back in September 2014. The technology is designed to scan songs and edit out any swear words in the lyrics. With this technology, an Apple device such as an iPod can simply censor the entire content loaded on it, according to Music Feeds. Apple claims the technology has the potential to replace swear words with other words, delete them from tracks entirely, beep them out or fill the places where they would normally be with music. Going forward, Apple is also considering using its new censoring software for audiobooks, to edit out sex scenes as well as curse words.Like us on Facebook What good the new Apple technology is really going to do is still a subject of debate since studies suggest that swearing is actually good for a person. ‘I’m A Celebrity…..’ Is No Place To Swear, Even Though Swearing Is Good For Health Use of swear words does not indicate that the users are lazy and uneducated individuals they are often made out to be, according to a study. In fact, a well-stocked vocabulary of swear words is actually a healthy indicator of other verbal abilities, suggests the study, published in the Language Sciences journal. Working with the “poverty of vocabulary” concept (the assumption that people swear because they lack the intellectual capacity to find another way to express themselves) the researchers aimed to find out whether those more fluent in the art of swearing are less fluent in other forms of vocabulary, according to the Independent. Perhaps Apple may want to rethink its technological innovation to make it more meaningful. Photo Source: Pixabay, Youtube