Tech Meets Health And Fashion: Huawei, Vogue Launch First Female Smartwatches


Huawei has just joined hands with Vogue to launch the first female smartwatch collection in Australia. So, just how amazing is this wearable and how does it impact healthcare? Let’s find out the news of the hour and keep up with the changing times. Designed By Vogue For Women Fashion house Vogue has translated the wearable smartwatch into a fashion statement. Marc Di Giacomo from Huawei Australia told that these smartwatches are a “conscious fashion statement” and a “fusion of technology and fashion.” The aim? To create wearable products that are as appealing and versatile, as they are practical, says Di Giacomo, head of Consumer Marketing at the Australian unit of the company.Like us on Facebook Vogue has partnered with fashion photographer Mario Testino and Huawei to create elegant female smartwatches which Di Giacomo describes as “much more than tech wearable.” The War Of Mini Computers: Will Micro:Bit Kill Raspberry Pi? Technology, Fashion and Style Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Australia, Edwina McCann, has been quoted by the site as saying “fashion influences every aspect” of the way we live so technology is “evolving not only to make our lives easier, but also fit seamlessly into our everyday style.” Techno Chic Wearable Technology Huawei watches Jewel and Elegant are available from April 20 for AU$699 at Harvey, Norman, Myer and Huawei kiosks across the nation. There are two rose gold models with faces spanning 44 mm. While Jewel has Swarovski Zirconia around the bezel, Elegant goes in for a subtle fashion statement. The stylish rose gold pattern combines with Italian leather in white or blue to create the perfect backdrop for the timepiece. Sapphire crystal is used for the watch face- it is touch sensitive. This Android-powered wearable is compatible with iOS as well. Get any of the 40 bespoke watch faces handcrafted from over 130 components and tested for a mind-blowing 650 hours. The watches come equipped with heart rate monitors, accelerometers, gyroscopes and motion sensors as well as fitness tracking abilities. The timepieces can make out the difference between walking, running and climbing for its wearer. The battery charges in just under 75 minutes for both watches. Wearable Technology, User Psychology According to Gizmodo, more than 2 million Aussies over 16 years of age have adopted wearable devices because of the health and fitness apps offered by these. In a Telstyle study, by 2020, close to 25 percent of the population could be wearing smartwatches. Smartwatches are less likely to be attracting conventional buyers however. Research shows that those who buy smartwatches like to “stand out inn a crowd” and are three times more likely to keep up with developments in technology. They are also five times as likely to buy latest gadgets or feel the pressure to, compared to average customers, reports the news site. Early adopters of technology are more prone to buying wearables. Healthy lifestyles are now possible thanks to these type of innovations. Anyone can track the number of steps they have walked or jogged. Fitness apps like Stavia make life easier. But without a doubt, smartwatches like the Vogue-Huawei creation also make style statements possible alongside. Photo Sources: Victor Keegan/Flickr, Vogue