Don’t freak out, but Whatsapp now lets you bold and italicise text


WhatsApp, the most popular chatting service, will now let you add the new options of bold, italics and strikethrough to your everyday WhatsApp chat in its latest update.

For bold, add asterisks to either side of your text, e.g. “For italic, an underscore will be needed on both sides, and for a strikethrough, users will be required to add these squiggly characters “~” called tildes on either side of the text message.
The new upgrade demonstrates how WhatsApp is becoming ever closer to becoming a full word processing platform, in the vein of Microsoft Office.
WhatsApp doesn’t come with a button or toggle to turn these formatting options on or off. Rather, the users will have to add some symbols to make alterations to the default font type and style. As of now, the feature is said to have been spotted on WhatsApp version 2.12.17 on iOS. Expect this update to roll out to the wider user base in the near future.
The new feature is hidden in the app, and needs to be turned on by including certain characters.
Another new function of WhatsApp may be the capability to reveal files from your own Google Push, by choosing Share ” Share Doc ” More ” Google Push (you have to toggle allowing use of your Push).
WhatsApp now has 1 billion monthly active users.
We know what you’re thinking, it just became it little easier to get your voice heard in a group chat.