‘Killer Instinct’ Season 3 Starts Microsoft’s Cross-Platform Gaming Projects

Fans who want to only purchase the game for eight new characters of season 3 and without accessories has a price of $20. Season 3 will also have new fighters like Mira (along with four costumes) in April and Killer Instinct 2’s final boss Gargos in May.

Killer Instinct’s latest update also brings extensive gameplay re-balancing and tweaks detailed in this blog post.
Killer instinct” launched with the Xbox One, but now, at the onset of season 3, the game instantly becomes one of the most high profile cross play/cross buy (Xbox One/Windows 10) games around. With the ultra edition you can get early access to fighters including Rash from Battletoads, Arbiter from Halo, Kim Wu, Tusk and more. Wanting to create something that players will replay over and over again, Shadow Lords is “part ladder, part arcade mode, part story mode, and part roguelike”. Once it is, players will need to start the Xbox One version, then log in to their account on Xbox One to initiate the save sync, before finally starting it on their Windows 10 PC. In this mode you will assemble your strongest team to take on Gargos and his cronies in a battle across the world. While they tossed in several new guys in the first two seasons, they also exhausted pretty much all the nostalgia.
The feature I’m jazzed for isn’t in the game yet.
The new multiplayer mode we mentioned in the launch trailer ties into this mode and some of the things you can craft. While we’ve yet to see it fully in action, it does seem to have the same flavor as Soul Blade’s Edge Master Mode, only you choose a trio of characters instead of just one.