Charlotte Crosby slams Gary Beadle in epic Twitter rant


Following Holly’s exit, Charlotte confessed she “wasn’t bothered” to see her go, but judging by her tweet after the episode, it sounds like she may have had a change of heart.In the comments, Vicky claimed Charlotte’s boyfriend had asked her to go back to his hotel with him to which she declined as she has a boyfriend.Gaz also uses the apps filter feature to mimick the woman the furore surrounds, and told her to “spend the £50 for selling the story wisely”, plus “mess with me bitch and this is what happens”, which is not very pleasant. “Phone and explain it to me while I sat and cried the whole day I found out. or maybe eve a text would of been nice”.Her angry rant continued, “Considering he’s meant to “care” so much about me”. “Yeh thanks for that”. Really respectful way of treating some1.”Which is a DATING show….how can I even begin to understand what or where me and Gary are under them terms!!!”The argument started after a drunken night out on the Toon when Charlotte started “tashing on” with co-star Chloe Ferry in the back of a taxi on the way home.”And then after all of this on top of that hasn’t really helped matters”.And then she added: ‘This isn’t the behaviour of some1 who wants to make it work with some1 (sic)’.’Doesn’t show me he cares at all.Admitting she hasn’t followed any sort of fad diet, hasn’t cut out carbs or shunned alcohol, Charlotte promises to show followers how she looks so good while continuing to enjoy partying the night away. I hope maybe now people an [sic.] understand a little bit more’. So, it’s no wonder that fans are totally gutted it’s all gone wrong again for the pair.”So why don’t you go and suck a f**t from my arse you stupid thick piece of s**t, you know nothing about me or my life, so f**k you”. “You’ve got to remember they met five years ago and if you’d asked me whether they would last five years ago, I’d have said they’d never be together”. Sending all our love, Char!