Hartlepool owners only have days to get their dogs microchipped


All dogs must be chipped and registered with a recognised database by April 6.At present Westway Veterinary Group say that now strays are having to be passed onto the dog warden as owners can’t be traced through a microchip.Adrian Burder, chief executive, said: “For many years Dogs Trust has campaigned to bring about the introduction of compulsory microchipping and registration”.The move has been made in a bid to make it easier to identify the owners of dogs that have strayed or are being mistreated, neglected, abandoned or lost.”A dog is only exempt from being microchipped if a vet certifies in writing that they can not be microchipped for health reasons”.Microchipping is a very simple and easy procedure which is virtually painless for any animal.The electronic chips, which have a unique identity number linked to a national register enabling vets to find an owner’s name and address, should also make it easier to reunite lost animals with their owners.DOG microchipping legislation will be coming into force next week- and latest figures reveal that: 230,000 pets in the North West are still not chipped.Branch treasurer Graeme Larkin said he believed 30 to 40 per cent of owners in Oxfordshire still need to get their dogs microchipped, which costs about £30 with a vet.Dogs Trust offers free microchipping appointments across all of its 21 Rehoming Centres around the country. “Without a microchip it is sadly impossible for us to trace their owners and get them home”.Anyone who fails to do so can face a fine of up to £500. Please note you can also be fined if your dog is microchipped but your details are not up to date (so it might be a good idea to check them).Ms Lawson added: “The RSPCA would like to stress the importance of updating the contact details on your pet’s microchip”. Further details regarding the authorised database can be found on the Department’s website.