NY poll: Clinton leads Sanders; Trump up big

But look at the bigger picture: It’s April and Clinton has not managed to put away a 74-year-old avowed socialist who wasn’t even a Democrat until he began his campaign.Greenpeace USA subsequently posted the video online.Clinton, seemingly aggravated by the question, responded by raising her voice to the questioner and jabbing her finger toward the woman.”If fighting for equal pay and paid family leave is playing the gender card, then deal me in!” she said. Calls for Sanders to drop out, at this point, strike me as premature and probably counterproductive. “I’m sick of it”. It was shot in partnership with the environmental group 350 Action. BlackBerry now announces that it has worked with Facebook to create a new Web-based app. Schumer’s reference to Brooklyn carried value as her campaign headquarters is based in Brooklyn, but also the hometown of her opponent. As for Clinton’s events, the public is welcome to the event at the Regional Market. Bernie Sanders’ campaign against Hillary Clinton. “And we’ve provided some options, including here in NY”.Method of calculation: Take the reported pledged delegate counts to date – Clinton 1,243 vs. Sanders 975 – and subtract the pledged delegates for both Clinton and Sanders coming from states that went Republican in 2012.Still, among women under 45, Sanders leads 66 to 28 percent.Sanders promised to work to overturn Citizens United if elected, which he said would return political power to individuals.Much of the Harlem rally felt like a flashback to 2008, to a time when Bill Clinton was still “the first black president” and Hillary was Senator Clinton, not Secretary Clinton. Most importantly, Bernie Sanders is the only leading candidate with positive favorability ratings in 2016.”Assuming they don’t believe their own candidate is bought by the fossil fuel industry, they should stop the false attacks”, said spokesman Nick Merrill in a statement.New York’s primaries will be held April 19. “Bernie people came to say that”.I caught up with the lone exception, Troy Jackson, former and possibly future state senator, who was knocking on doors for the special election in Biddeford.”Once again Donald Trump has demonstrated that he hasn’t seriously thought through the issues, and he’ll say anything just to get attention”, said Sen. “Well, I wish it were so”, Clinton said. American Crossroads, an anti-Clinton super PAC, sent reporters an email with the subject line, “Hillary loses temper with Greenpeace activist”.So please, leave the bullying, name calling and the threats to the Republicans. “She’s very smart to me, so I think she could handle what’s launched at her in the White House”. We were shocked by her response.He called it “obscene” that Mrs Clinton “keeps going to big money people to fund her campaign”, citing some 50 million dollars in contributions from Wall Street donors.