European Union ponders better way to deal with migrants


According to BBC, the European Commission is expected to suggest more modest rules that will still preserve the current system but will add a fair provision so that a struggling country can get help but a second more radical option would be to remove the existing rules and distribute the refugee all over Europe.The EU’s asylum system – known as the “Dublin regulation” – buckled as about one million migrants arrived in Greece and Italy in 2015 and German Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled that refugees arriving in her country would not be returned. Amnesty International believes that any European asylum system reform must uphold the right to asylum, ensure asylum seekers are distributed fairly across all EU Member States, that their human rights are respected and that they will be welcomed and integrated into their host communities effectively.”Let there be no doubt: Those who need protection must continue to receive it, and they should not have to put their lives in the hands of people smugglers”, Frans Timmermans, the first vice president of the commission, said in a statement.The European Union’s executive was to sketch plans Wednesday for overhauling the EU’s asylum system in the next phase of its troubled bid to stem Europe’s migration crisis. Nearly Half A Billion People Now Have Diabetes
As the chart below shows, diabetes prevalence in high-income countries rose from just over 5 percent to about 7 percent. It said the world is facing an unrelenting march of the disease which now affects almost one in every eleven people. Whichever proposal is finally agreed, the United Kingdom can not be forced to take asylum seekers as it has opt-outs from European Union asylum policies, BBC Europe correspondent Damian Grammaticas explains. “Different national approaches have fueled asylum shopping and irregular migration, while we have seen in the ongoing crisis that the Dublin rules have placed too much responsibility on just a few member states”.Slovakia and Hungary and Slovakia have filed lawsuits at the EU Court of Justice against a temporary migrant quota system, after being outvoted last September on the matter.However he acknowledged no immediate change to the rules was likely.The EU Commission wants to amend the current policy where asylum seekers must be processed in the first nation where they arrive.”In the immediate term we have to apply the existing law to stabilize the situation”, he said. ‘Suspicious activity’ noted at North Korean nuclear site
Last month, it emerged South Korea plans to build a non-lethal “blackout bomb” that will wipe out North Korea ‘s electricity grid if war breaks out. “The EU external borders are confronted with three major challenges: an unprec­edented rise in migratory pressure, an increasing terrorist threat and a steady rise in the number of regular travelers”, the report said.But member states will now be given the chance to discuss future asylum rules based on today’s communication and later on vote on the concrete proposals where a qualified majority is needed for adoption.The analyst also says the refugees are migrating to Europe because of foreign intervention in their countries, adding that behind every refugee flow stand an arms trader and a military government. The proposals will deal with the legal status resettled people should be given, financial support and efforts to discourage people from traveling elsewhere in the bloc.”It would have to be a mandatory system to make it work, otherwise it is not possible to have an orderly system of distribution of asylum seekers”, said the official.”We are scaling back the intensity of controls and are pulling back police offices step by step”, Maiziè re told Austrian television ORF in an interview late Tuesday. Brussels hopes to launch the border agency in the second half of the year. Villanova men’s basketball parade set for Friday in Philadelphia
Butler’s Gordon Hayward almost gave us a miracle victor , but hoops fans had to wait six more years for the genuine thing. One of the surprise Villanova heroes was Phil Booth who came into the title game averaging 6.7 points per game. Ruth Bender in Berlin contributed to this article.