Members of Libya’s UN-backed Presidential Council arrive in Tripoli

The Head of the Libyan Unity Government has arrived by boat at Tripoli, despite resistance from the Militia backed government there.The Tripoli-based government on several occasions during the weekend closed the Mitiga airport and the capital’s airspace for safety and security reasons while Libyan Airlines suspended all its flights due to air traffic monitoring. The arrival of Libya’s Presidency Council in the capital Tripoli is a welcome development and should be followed with a peaceful transition of power, UN Envoy for Libya Martin Kobler said in a statement on Wednesday.The Council has called for an immediate transfer of power to the unity government, though both the Tripoli and eastern-based governments oppose this. Uttarakhand: High Court stayed floor test in Assembly
The result of the test may have an immediate bearing on the fate of bickering political rivals – the Congress and the BJP. He said mere allegations of horse-trading can not justify the imposition of President’s Rule and stop a floor test. Libya’s Government of National Accord, including its Prime Minister Fayez Seraj, has arrived in Tripoli despite strong militia opposition to its instalment in the country’s capital.Libya has suffered five years of civil strife since a revolt broke out in February 2011 against Muammar Gaddafi.Serraj is expected to attempt to form a full government in the coming days, after previous attempts failed to gain a vote of support from the Tobruk parliament.Tripoli Prime Minister Khalifa Ghwell said in a statement late on Tuesday that the airspace had been closed to “protect the souls of the people following the Presidential Council’s inappropriate behaviour”. Tax plan just a thought bubble
Mr Shepherd disagreed, suggesting that Australia instead has “a tendency to race for mediocrity ” . Most immediately, Turnbull has to convince the states to enter serious discussion on his proposal. Seraj told Reuters that the council members had travelled in a Libyan navy vessel from the Tunisian port of Sfax, a 12-hour journey.Overnight, there were loud explosions and heavy gunfire in the city, Reuters news agency reports.The political and security vacuum in Libya has helped the so-called Islamic State group to establish a foothold in the north African country, carrying out attacks on cities and against oil installations. US stands with people and govt of Pakistan — Lahore blast
Christians make up an estimated 1.6 percent of Pakistan’s 200 million people and have long faced discrimination. They have also denounced draft legislation in Punjab province that outlaws violence against women.