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A massive leak of 11.5 million tax documents has exposed the secret offshore dealings of aides to Russian president Vladimir Putin, world leaders and celebrities including disgraced UEFA chief Michel Platini.Dmitry Peskov argues that the leaked documents from a Panama-based firm have been wilfully interpreted by an global consortium of investigative journalists to make what he called an unfounded claim that cellist Sergei Roldugin’s offshore assets were linked to Putin. Putin “was never involved”. The oligarchs, most of whom become wealthy by acquiring state-owned property and natural resources at knock-down prices, were resented by many Russians who suffered in the transition from the Soviet centrally planned economy to capitalism. According to his biography on the site of the St. Petersburg Music House, a state-sponsored classical music organization whose primary aim is to prepare young musicians for worldwide competition, Roldugin “insisted” on a full restoration of the school’s home, the 19th-century Alexis Palace, a former residence of the Russian grand duke Alexei Alexandrovich.Some of the reports focused on Roldugin, a childhood friend of Putin who is the godfather of the Russian leader’s eldest daughter.Banks, companies and close associates of Putin, who is not himself named in the documents, “secretly shuffled as much as $2bn through banks and shadow companies”, according to the ICIJ. Bethesda Details E3 2016 Showcase
Bethesda’s most recently released title is Fallout 4 , which is out now and available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. That might make some sense; giving gamers an opportunity to dabble in the last big expansion for the game’s season pass. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said he would not discuss the reports further and declined to say whether the individuals named would be investigated.”I don’t consider it possible to go into the details”, he said, “mainly because there is nothing concrete and nothing new about Putin, and a lack of details”.Simply put, the Russian government has denounced the ICIJ revelations, known as the Panama Papers, as a giant smear campaign to discredit Russia’s autocratic leader – an attempt to undermine him ahead of parliamentary elections later this year.About 60 percent of Russians already believe “one way or another that Putin is corrupt and is part of all these networks and controls this mafia state system”, Lev Gudkov, head of the independent Levada Center polling company, said by phone Monday.In a landmark speech in December 2012, Putin called for the “de-offshorization” of the Russian economy and in 2015 a law came into force that tightened reporting requirements and increased the tax burden for offshore income. Although Putin’s name does not figure in the reports, the information suggested that friends of the president earned millions from complex offshore deals. Pellegrini declares Hart fit for PSG clash
Midfielder Toure has been ruled out with the knee injury that also kept him out of City’s 4-0 win over Bournemouth last weekend. Ander Herrera is confident Manchester United can continue their mini-revival and secure Champions League qualification. None of the documents mentions Putin by name, but they bolster the U.S. Treasury’s claims in 2014 that his inner circle of cronies act as “cashiers” by managing money on his behalf. But he did play down his wealth in comments to The New York Times.It is important to note that owning an offshore company is not illegal in itself, and CNBC has not been able to independently verify the allegations.The reports said Mr. Putin’s friends and associates had channeled $2 billion through a complex, deliberately convoluted network of offshore companies.An unnamed spokesman for businessman Arkady Rotenberg confirmed to the RBC news service that Rotenberg had given loans to Roldugin, but the loans were commercial and several times smaller than the ones alleged in the documents just released. Update On Wildfire That Threatens Small Town Of Freedom, Oklahoma
The Sheriff’s office said they do not have any reports of structures damaged or lost in Woods County at this time. Wildfires in northeast Kansas have been largely contained, state officials say.