San Francisco First US City to OK Paid Parental Leave


In 2004, california became the first to pay new moms and dads 55 percent of their wages for six weeks if they have paid into their state disability.San Francisco’s new measure, approved by the city’s board of supervisors Tuesday and expected to receive Mayor Ed Lee’s signature, affects businesses with more than 20 employees and will go into effect in 2017. The New York Times notes that despite its novelty in the U.S., San Francisco’s new law is still modest compared with other countries’ parental leave laws. The United States is one of only two countries out of 185 listed by the International Labor Organization that does not have a national law providing some form of paid parental leave. ‘Queen of My Heart’: Paris Jackson honors father Michael with birthday tattoo
Paris has become more open with her life as of late, and has given a glimpse inside her world on social media. The black and white snap sees Paris staring admiringly at her new tattoo while her tattoo artist looks on. The San Francisco measure requires employers with at least 20 employees to make up the other 45%.Mark Farrell, left, and Malia Cohen, right, listen as Scott Wiener, foreground, speaks during a San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting at City Hall in San Francisco, Tuesday, April 5, 2016.In addition to NY and California, New Jersey and Rhode Island have also enacted laws requiring paid leave for new parents. Russia says Japanese leader Abe may visit in May, meet Putin
The dispute has kept the two countries from signing a peace treaty ending their World War II hostilities. Abe’s visit will serve to boost economic relations between the two countries. A few states have taken action to create a better policy for new parents. “I do think employers should be pitching in more”, said Kim Turner, a San Francisco nonprofit attorney who advocated for the law. Regardless – policy changes like this landmark one approved in San Francisco are a necessary beginning to a widespread shift.However, small businesses have expressed concern over the paid leave and minimum wage proposals, arguing they simply do not have the ability to provide fully-paid leave. Several small business owners complain the mandate unfairly targets them and only adds to a long list of city mandates like paid sick leave and health coverage that they are now forced to cover.If both men and women took up the benefits, it could cost San Francisco businesses about $32.3 million annually, the office estimated. This is a part of a series of campaigns across the US aimed to combat the rising income inequality. Parents can also take up to 12 weeks of paid baby-bonding time.Facebook gives all new parents up to four months paid leave plus $4,000 in “baby cash”. Even Saudi Arabia offers 10 weeks of paid maternity leave, which is a lot more than the zero weeks Americans get unless they work for a generous employer. Sanders, Clinton could tie in Wisconsin delegates
With an overwhelming white electorate and liberal pockets of voters, Wisconsin was favorable territory for Sanders. Thirteen more will be selected on Saturday and 15 will be selected on Friday at congressional district assemblies. “How do we make it more accessible and more equitable for lower-income workers?” Netflix, for example, offers up to one year of paid leave for salaried workers and 12 to 16 weeks for hourly workers.