Amazon’s Dash Buttons now order Doritos, Red Bull, and 100 more brands


Amazon debuted Dash buttons for its Prime members a year ago and announced Thursday that it tripled the number of brands that are available through the technology to more than 100. But Amazon said orders placed through Dash have grown by more than 75 percent in the last three months alone and now take place a few times a minute. A push of a button triggers an order through Amazon, and the product is delivered to the shopper’s door.

Dash Buttons are available to Prime members for $4.99 each, which will be rebated as credit to their account when they place their first order through each button.
Amazon has revealed that it is adding dozens of new brands of the Dash lineup including Energizer, Trojan, Snuggle, Red Bull, Lysol, Nature Valley and Charmin.
Dash Buttons connect to your home Wi-Fi network and will reorder everyday consumables at the press of a button.
Amazon’s Dash button was truly a surprise when it was launched last April, confounding many because its concept was so new.
“We’re thrilled with the positive response we’ve seen for Dash Buttons-and we heard loud and clear from customers that they wanted more brands, more categories, and more products in the program”, said Amazon Dash Director Daniel Rausch. But in the year since their debut, Dash Buttons have rolled out for a variety of products – including, as of today, those you wouldn’t think require the convenience of push-button ordering, like gum, or food and drink products like Red Bull and Slim Jim. Customers receive a notification with every order and can change the product purchased through their Dash Button anytime.