Everything you need to know from Microsoft’s Build 2016 event


Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 Mobile will pick up support for Xbox One controllers over continuum later this year. The best way has to be the Build 2016 live stream, as you will learn right away about what’s planned – which with a bit of luck includes the upcoming Windows 10 anniversary update improvements.Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, at the opening Wednesday of the company’s annual conference for software developers, touted the power of “conversational intelligence” as he outlined a long-term vision in which Cortana, a central feature of Windows 10, becomes a digital concierge for other online interactions.Using Cortana at the heart of the experience, the company demoed a new version of Skype available on Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android at its developer conference that will use a number of bots to help you get things done. And Microsoft will let app developers tap into it as well.In Microsoft’s case, the company lined up some big business partners to work with the prototype in the past year and create apps for it for their own use.Speaking of Microsoft’s “more personal computing vision”, Mr. Nadella said Windows 10 “is off to an unbelievable start” with over 270 million active devices, outpacing Windows 7 by 145 per cent. Customers have spent more time in Windows 10 than ever before – over 75 billion hours since its launch eight months ago. Now the HoloLens Developer kits are limited to developers in United States and Canada and they have to be a part of the Windows Insider program.It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to partake in the Dev Mode developer preview if you’re already enrolled in another Xbox One preview group, so you’ll have to opt out of those features first.The software giant is also expected to talk about new universal apps, and offer developers with a walkthrough onhow to create apps across PCs, smartphones and tablets.Amidst the plethora of announcements made on day one of Build 2016, Microsoft made a rather interesting one for Universal Windows Platform. And a unified Windows Store is coming this summer, allowing you to access much of the same store content on an Xbox, phone, or PC.