Hillary Clinton gets in fiery exchange with climate activist


The Weekly Standard picked up the video, which can be seen on its website.Clinton’s team accused her rival’s campaign of “misleading voters with their attacks”, saying she’s never accepted funds from oil and gas industries companies or their political action committees.”I have money from people who work for fossil-fuel companies”, Clinton said, as Resnick-Day began to speak over her. “I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me”.Sanders told NBC 4 NY in response, “Germany can do it, Scandinavia can do it. I think the United States of America can invest in our young people”.Pocan, who has a super delegate vote at the Democratic National Convention later this summer, said any decision on an endorsement would come after the state primaries wrap up in June. “Hillary Clinton and I look at the world differently in terms of foreign policy”, Sanders said.Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, tweeted Thursday that Sanders should not be held off the ballot. Most donations, estimated to be in the “millions of dollars”, went to the Clinton Foundation, a charity unaffiliated with the campaign.Referencing a recent Politifact accuracy ranking, Mr Clinton said: “Of the candidates in the race, she has gotten the highest ratings for being accurate”.Both candidates are expected to barnstorm the state in the coming weeks.The only thing that changed this time, she said, was someone challenged Sanders.”As they’re leaving, I want to say I have earned 9 million votes in this election”, Clinton said.Shortly into Clinton’s speech, a small group of protesters stood up and yelled, “If she wins, we lose”. A new survey in Wisconsin released today by the highly respected Marquette Law poll gave the Vermont senator a solid lead, 49 percent, to 44 percent for Hillary Clinton – which is bad news for Sanders if he hopes to capture the nomination.It’s also Bernie’s native state, though Clinton’s people now talk snidely about his “campaigning like a Brooklynite”.They both plan on voting for Clinton. “We have so much momentum”, Trump said.