Vasalgel: New Birth Control Technique Passed Initial Tests


A new technique can render men to not use condoms anymore just for birth control. The initial trials of Vasalgel gave astounding results so that men can have sex without troubles of getting someone pregnant even without any condoms. Science Alert gives us information about a male contraceptive technique that could make men happier than ever. For a long time already, the only two ways of contraception for men is either condom or vasectomy – and the latter is never been the first choice. But initial trials of a new injectable that could last for a year is successful so far – on mice. The Parsemus Foundation is a US-based not-for-profit-company. They worked on the Vasalgel, which works by blocking the tube sperm travels through. The hydrogel material can let all important fluids through, except for larger objects like sperm.Like us on Facebook   New Condom Machine Dubbed ‘Johnny Be Good’ Works Only When You Pass A Breathalyzer Test The Vasalgel is injected into the vas deferens, and the process is quick and easy. The leader of the research Donald Waller, a pharmacologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago said: “Results from our study in rabbits were even better than expected. Vasalgel produces a very rapid contraceptive effect which lasted throughout the study due to its unique hydrogel properties. These features are important considerations for a contraceptive product to be used in humans.” Before this, most contraceptives available in the market are for women. Usually, they would come in form of pills which hacks into their natural hormone production which results to side effects. There is an estimated 85 million unwanted pregnancies each year, and this new development can possibly give solution to this problem. The Vasalgel does not mess up with the hormones of men, therefore no side effects can happen on whoever is given it. At the same time, it is reversible. As on the mice, when the Vasalgel was flushed off from their systems, they were able to resume their reproductive abilities. The company now aims to develop this process on humans. And no worries – the company intends to reproduce the process at the lowest cost possible in order to be accessed for all men worldwide. Photo: FrauenBlog, TheTrentOnline