Killer Instinct Season 3’s Launch Trailer Showcases New Characters and Improved Visuals


These costumes and additional accessories will only come with the $40 Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct Season 3. So far, none of the three games sports the functionality, virtually making Killer Instinct Season 3 the first game to feature cross-platform integration. With the newest season of “Killer Instinct“, Microsoft is showing that it’s serious about its cross-platform gaming strategy.

Killer Instinct is now finally available on PC, and players all over the world are finally able to enjoy this excellet fighting game even without an Xbox One console.
Later this season a new re-playable single player mode will be introduced, called Shadow Lords.
What more, the game is cross-save and cross-play, meaning anyone with a copy of the game on Xbox One can play with anyone on the PC, and any of your saves are shared between both platforms if you like to double dip. Appearing alongside Kim Wu and Tusk are two guest characters: Rash from Rare’s Battletoads and Arbiter from 343 Industries’ Halo. At the moment, Gargos is not in the game but he will release in May, so expect the Shadow Lords mode to go live no sooner than May. According to reddit user Dread Sabot, it seems like the game has issues when running in SLI, and disabling it should allow players to pass the test.
One of the more interesting bugs we’ve encountered sees the game run at an uncapped frame rate on certain monitors.
You can catch a glimpse of the new mode (a work in progress) in the trailer above. The game will also look better due to revamped graphics and lighting as showcased in the launch trailer down below.