Pakistan’s security is Iran’s security: President Rouhani

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Mosharraf Zaidi, a former advisor to Pakistan’s foreign ministry, said Rouhani’s visit is “proof positive” that Pakistan can not maintain a relationship with Saudi and other Gulf countries “at the expense of a useful and functional” ties with Iran.

President Rouhani described his visit and meetings with the Pakistani leadership as very constructive and fruitful.
Pakistan, Iran reiterated their resolve to enhance the level of bilateral cooperation in diverse fields, including trade, economy and energy, Radio Pakistan reported.
Sharif spoke at a news conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who arrived in Islamabad on Friday on a two-day trip, the first by an Iranian head of state in 14 years.
The detained spy told Pakistani agencies that he entered Pakistan via Iran and had valid Iranian visa.
Jubeir said Iran “knows what to do to have normal relations with Saudi Araba and the rest of the Islamic world and that is to change its behaviour”. The country was already selling 1,000MW electricity to Pakistan, which could be increased up to 3,000 MW.
“There is one concern that RAW is involved in Pak, spec Bln&sometimes also use the soil of our brother country, Iran”.
The Iranian President said the two sides also explored the possibility of sea trade between Pakistan’s Gwadar Port and Iran’s Chabahar Port.
A $7.5-billion Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline meant to feed Pakistani power plants was inaugurated with great fanfare in March 2013.
Mamnoon Hussain also stressed the need to increase air and ground links for increasing people to people contacts and boosting trade.
Seconding the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s remarks, Rouhani said Allama Iqbal was revered in Iran just like Hafiz Sherazi and Sheikh Saadi had respect among Pakistanis. He stressed that peace and security was vital for Afghanistan and Iran was ready to do whatever it could to help bring peace and stability there. About Iran-Saudi tensions, he said that Iran was not interested in any tensions as it was a peace-loving country.
He added that the issue is his administration’s “strategic policy”.
He said that the strengthened ties between the both countries will assist young generation to work with devotion.
President Rouhani described “hope in future and trust in the government” as an “asset” to the country that should be taken care of.