Rat crawls up sleeping train rider in New York City


‘That certainly makes me hesitant about sleeping in the subway again’.

Instead of cheese, this New York City rat wanted a friend.
That’s what happened to one man who was in for a rude awakening when he woke up to an unwelcome visitor.
An Instagram video, which shows the rat climbing up a sleeping subway rider, has made its rounds on the internet-but it’s not so much the rat people are talking about.
Lin had the camera focused on the man until the very second he awoke, quickly veering his lens to the side as the commuter’s high-pitched scream filled the background.
When the rat crawled onto the man’s neck, he woke up screaming and “ran into the next vehicle fast as hell”, Lin wrote on Instagram.
The man appears to be sleeping with his arms folded and his head partially tucked into his jacket before he suddenly jerks awake and his hand springs to the back of his neck.
The video has garnered more than 400 likes and 500 comments since it was posted.
It’s too bad the MTA’s “If You See Something, Say Something” doesn’t apply to rats crawling on commuters.
The rat got off at the next stop – Times Square – Lin said. “I’ve seen [rats] on the tracks and platform, but never inside the train”.
“Reasons to take your cat with you”, user phillipmai said.