Corey Drexel Launches His Code Software – CEO Lashes out about Scam Reviews

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Corey Drexel Launches His Code Software – CEO Lashes out about Scam Reviews

The Drexel Code Incorporated is run by founder and CEO, Corey Drexel, who says he turned his life around after losing quite a bit of money when the market suffered in 2007 and the years following. He decided there had to be a better way. In the following Drexel Code review, we will discuss the features and benefits of this software system designed to make traders thousands of dollars a day.

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The Drexel Code Promotional Video
In the Drexel Code promotional video, Corey Drexel walks us through his corporate headquarters and introduces us to his staff “The Brew Crew” who dedicates their life to perfecting the Drexel Code software for binary options trading. Drexel says that in the last few years, he and 5 team members, who he refers to as the “Brew Crew” have had over 50 million dollars in profits in just the last year alone. He goes on to say that the Drexel Code has not lost a trade in over 3 years, with a success rate of 100%.

Corey Drexel says that when the Drexel Code was first created it had a success rate of 95% and the original beta testers were pulling in profits of over $1,000 a day. However, Drexel and his Brew Crew were not satisfied with these numbers and worked endlessly to achieve a success rate of 100%,

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Drexel then goes on to tell the viewer that for a limited time he is taking on another group of 50 beta testers so if you are interested in making a ton of money with the Drexel Code system you need to act now. We are here to tell you that this is just another scare tactic to entice you to sign up right away for the Drexel Code. The video has been around for a few weeks now and if there were only 50 spots open, the video and website would be long gone by now. So the Drexel Code trading platform is here to stay. You can take some time to decide for yourself if this system will work for you.

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The Drexel Code is 100% free, once you have signed with one of their brokers. It can be set on autopilot as well so it is easy to use for those who have little to no experience trading binary options.

Corey Drexel takes us around and introduces us to some of the members of the “Brew Crew.” From the video, one would infer that Drexel Code Inc. is indeed a legitimate business as everyone is donned in either polo shirts or sweater vests with the Drexel Code logo. Drexel even brings in previous traders to attest to their earnings from the Drexel Code system.

Drexel tells us how the Drexel Code has changed his life and he is now able to treat himself to $5,000 steak dinners thanks to the millions he is making from the Drexel Code. This is all well and good if this is true, but honestly, who wants to pay $5,000 for a steak dinner?

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We tested the Drexel Code, and yes, we were able to turn a profit with this trading software, but nowhere near what Corey Drexel is telling us. Neither my team nor I won’t be buying any sports cars, mansions or $5,000 steak dinners anytime soon. We were able to turn a profit of about 87% profit, which is average, and occasionally hit as high as 92%, but the norm is in the mid 80’s, so there is really nothing that makes the Drexel Code any different that other binary trading software systems.

How to Get Started
To use the Drexel Code software you simply need to create an account and make the minimum required initial deposit with one of their recommended brokers.Once you have made your deposit, you can begin trading immediately you can trade manually if you prefer to do so and have some knowledge and understanding of the binary market. Or you can set the system to autopilot so the software can generate trades on your behalf.

Once you start making a profit, you will be able to withdraw your earnings according to the procedures set forth by whichever broker with which you have created your account.

Features and Benefits of the Drexel Code

●    One on One Guidance from Professional Traders
●    100% internet-based, no downloads required
●    Available on Android, IOS, WIndows and MAC operating systems
●    User friendly interface
●    Educational and Analysis Tools Available
●    One Touch Trading
●    Customer Service and Support Available

●    No previous knowledge of binary options trading required
●    Up to 90 signals guaranteed a day
●    No charge for software, other than initial deposit

Even though, we did not have a 100% success rate with the Drexel Code, we able to earn a decent profit. However, we do not expect to be raking in millions of dollars, quitting our jobs and going out for steak and champagne dinners every night.

The system is easy to use; however, we found that you do need some basic knowledge of binary options trading in order to set up your parameters before you begin trading. We were able to reach their support team and received a reply within 24 hours. We felt confident that their customer support team has a basic knowledge and understanding of the binary position and financial markets as they were able to answer our somewhat advanced questions.
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For new traders, there are better software systems available online, but for those traders with some prior knowledge of binary trading, the Drexel Code is a reliable platform. Like we’ve said before, the Drexel Code will not earn you millions of dollars. However, anyone with any knowledge whatever of binary options trading, can attest to the fact that trading binary options is not the key to becoming a millionaire. Binary options trading is a great way to earn some extra money for savings or paying off your mortgage, but in no way can it make millions of dollars in just a  year.

Overall, we were satisfied as a whole with the Drexel Code, although some of their initial information is misleading. We do feel that there are more reliable systems out there, but the Drexel Code system is adequate for trading binary options. Just remember that trading binary options is always risky and no software program or broker can guarantee a 100% success rate.

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