Google releases new Cardboard SDK + VR View for iOS & web developers


On Wednesday, the company launched VR View, an easy way to embed 360-degree videos and photos into apps or websites and make them viewable with a Google Cardboard Viewer or through a draggable 360-degree experience (Google calls this “magic window” mode) that works on any browser (see below). The SDK allows iOS developers to embed virtual reality content within their own apps to then be viewed using a viewer like Google’s own Cardboard.

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Users who want to turn 360-degree content into VR content on the web can simply embed an iframe on their site, following Google’s instructions here.
VR View makes VR content more simple to implement, discover, and view. Providing users with an interactive experience that they can view using a smartphone and a Google Cardboard viewer.
“We’re keeping the hardware and software open to encourage community participation and compatibility with VR content available elsewhere”, Microsoft said.
NOTE: Today is the first day in which the Google Cardboard SDK for iOS is available to the public.
It’s now possible for developers to embed such 360-degree experiences within native apps. It’s something more common to laptops and computers but MDM can now be enjoyed on your phone.
Out of the box, VR View supports photos taken with Cardboard Camera and Ricoh Theta cameras natively. Google has also put the app through an update alongside its official Play Store launch that adds a handy new feature. Google made the announcement on its Developers blog.