Lion escapes Kenyan park and attacks man


On March 18, a lion mauled a pedestrian in Nairobi before being captured.

The Associated Press said that he struck a 27-year-old man on a motorcycle, who sustained bruises and deep lacerations on his back.
A lion has been shot dead after straying from a Kenyan national park and injuring a man outside Nairobi.
The lion entered the village of Isinya at about 40 kilometres south of the capital, where a crowd gathered around it and it slightly injured one person, Kenya Wildlife Service spokesman Paul Gathitu said. Some animals eventually returned to the park. A lack of habitat for lions in the town means they’re coming into conflict with human people, placing their survival in danger, Kenyan conservationist Ali Kaka told the BBC.KWS did not comment on the matter, nor did they confirm whether the lion was part of the pride that had escaped from the Nairobi National Park last month.
“Are you out of your senses?” he asked.
But its south side – away from the city – is bordered by a river.
As one of the fastest growing African cities, property values are increasing in Nairobi, and the park is getting encroached on by lucrative development projects.
It is not clear whether there are still lions on the loose.
The government also started building a highway through a section of the park, agitating the animals with constant noise.
In South Africa, wildlife officials backtracked from earlier statements that they would kill a lion that escaped from Karoo National Park because it was a threat to humans.
A signal from Sylvester’s tracking collar, which was fitted after his last escape, showed he was outside the park on Sunday, and by Monday he was 12 miles from the park’s fenced boundary, in a mountainous area not easily accessible by foot.